Funeral Assist Direct

Funerals by Harmony Funeral Services in Poole Dorset

Funeral Assist Direct is a service available to those who simply wish to arrange for the collection of the deceased from where they have died,
and have them taken to the cemetery or crematorium.

There is no service or other arrangements to be made, and the person taking responsibility for the funeral simply has to register the death, and sign the relevant forms for cremation or burial. We will then ensure the safe passage of the person from where they died to the crematorium or cemetery. In the case of cremation, we will arrange to collect the ashes if so wished, and these can then be collected later.

What does this include?

  • Bringing the person who has died into our care
  • Provision of a simple oak veneered coffin suitable for burial or cremation
  • Provision of an appropriate vehicle to convey the coffin to the crematorium or cemetery
  • Collection of the cremated remains if appropriate
  • Attending to the necessary paperwork in line with the legal requirements of the cemetery or crematorium

What does the Funeral Assist Direct service cost?

  • Total of our fees for cremation £550.00
  • Total of our fees for burial £650.00.


  • Doctors papers required for cremation £164.00
  • Cremation fee (based on Poole Crematorium) £518.00



Should you wish to have a burial, we will arrange for the appropriate cemetery to be instructed and the costs for the purchase of a grave (where necessary / requested) and the interment fee will be confirmed.

What if I need different or additional services?

If you don't require some of the services detailed above, or there are additional services that you would like us to provide, just let us know.
We can arrange many different types of coffin, funeral vehicles, floral tributes, order of service, music, catering and other services in accordance with your personal wishes.

For a personal estimate including all costs relevant to your needs and wishes please contact us:

Telephone: 01202 612218 (24 hour service)