About Harmony Funeral Services in Poole Dorset

Funeral Assist offers the following:

  • Bringing the person who has died into our care
  • Minimal hygienic treatment and preparation
  • The provision of a simple coffin suitable for burial or cremation
  • Dressing the person who has died in their own clothes or appropriate gown
  • Provision of an appropriate vehicle to convey the coffin
  • Collection of the cremated remains if appropriate
  • A meeting with our funeral arranger to discuss the arrangements
  • We will attend to all the necessary legalities and medical paperwork, with continued support throughout the arrangements, and in particular, support in completing and sending off the SF200 to the Social Fund

Total Cost £1,000.00

Disbursements covered by Funeral Assist:

  • Doctor for the first part of the cremation papers £ 82.00
  • Doctor for the second part of the cremation papers £ 82.00
  • Service at Poole Crematorium £350.00
  • Cremation at Bournemouth Crematorium £805.00*

Funeral Assist does not require the person arranging the funeral to pay a deposit. Invoices are sent directly to the Social Fund to enable them to consider a claim. There is no guarantee that a payment will be made by the Social Fund or of the amount that they will pay. In the event that an application fails we will make arrangements with you to pay for the cost of the funeral.

*The Social Fund may only cover the lower cremation costs at Bournemouth Crematorium